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Truvy was created to make weight loss and healthy living easier.

We know what you’re doing is tough, real tough. We’re here to meet you where you’re at and give you the tools to reach your goals. Think of Truvy as your friendly weight loss sidekick. We always have your back.

Meghan, a Truvy user, has lost over 200 lbs using our weight loss supplements.

Our Tru and Vy products are an all natural weight loss supplement.

Looking for a weight loss product that really works? Our health and wellness products are based off of real science, not diet fads. Don’t believe us? Learn more about a few of our all natural products below.


TruTM & VyTM

Take control of weight loss with our flagship combo of weight loss supplements. Using all natural plant extracts, these weight loss supplements support your blood chemistry, revive your metabolism, and provide you with accelerated energy in an effective and convenient capsule.

reNU is a health and wellness product designed to detox your body.



Say buh-bye to the toxins that can build up and slow down your healthy lifestyle. Using pure and naturally sourced ingredients, our health and wellness product, reNU® is designed to support the detoxification of the body, all while helping maintain a healthy digestive tract.

All Products

Let us introduce you to our All-star lineup of health and wellness products. Targeted to fit your needs and support overall optimum health.

All our health and wellness products are natural and support your optimum health.

Real People, Real Results

Richie and Amanda are feeling healthy and happy while using Truvy.

Richie & Amanda

Combined, Richie and Amanda have lost over 100 pounds and are feeling great with Truvy!

Meghan has seen incredible results with our weight loss supplements.


Meghan chose Truvy to help her create a healthy lifestyle. She’s lost over 200 pounds with our health and wellness products!

Tiffany was a skeptic of weight loss products, until she tried Truvy.


Tiffany was a huge skeptic of weight loss products before she tried Truvy. Now she’s one of our biggest fans!

Like a good friend, our ultimate goal is to help you feel your best and live life on your terms. As long as you feel good, we feel good!


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